Be aware of scammers while using email…

Many businesses have had to adapt to new working practices because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. This has often meant an increase in emails and more frequent calls with suppliers, customers, banks and other organisations.Scammers have been taking advantage of this. Cases are on the increase where fraudsters are calling businesses pretending to be from […]

Different Software Testing – Explained

Testing of software and application is an integral part of the software development and deployment lifecycle. But with so many different types of tests to choose from when compiling your test approach, which are best suited for your requirements? In this post 45 different tests are explained. Software Application Testing are conducted within two domains: […]

KAMOHA Tech interviewing Renier as “Introduction to GSA Chair”

Robert Bertora, founder of KAMOHA Tech, interviews Renier Botha as an introduction to GSA’s (Global Student Accommodation) chair and executive team. Kamoha Tech – The KAMOHA story began in 2015 servicing Global Student Accommodation (GSA), which has a wide global footprint including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, UAE, Australia, Japan and China. It has grown over […]

AI :: Artificial Intelligence

Videos: History of AI (Rainbird) Future of AI (Rainbird) PDF: Introduction to AI (Rainbird) Introduction to Knowledge and Cognitive Reasoning (Rainbird) Podcast: Introduction to AI (Rainbird) Introduction to Knowledge and Cognitive Reasoning (Rainbird)

MD’s Introduction Email to everyone@sphere

Hello Everyone, I am Renier Botha. As Neil announced recently, I’m the new Managing Director and Head of Service for SPHERE. I started in Dec’15 and have already met some of you but thought it might be helpful to introduce myself via email as well, acknowledge the great work of the team to date and to lay out […]