Harrods Rewards

“Launching Harrods Rewards is an integral part of our CRM strategy. It gives us the opportunity to understand our customers and their spending behaviour. We are pleased with our performance and the ongoing support from the ICLP team has been outstanding. It is a hugely exciting time for us.”; JOSE MAJLUF, CRM CONTROLLER, HARRODS

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Tracka in the NHS

Tracka – NHS DrFoster Case Study

Challenge: It was recognised that NHS Stoke on Trent Community Health Services needed to ensure that the organisation has timely, auditable, and accurate information about patient experience. In order to get an understanding of patient satisfaction, a more systematic and reliable approach was required.

Solution: NHS Stoke on Trent Community Health Services started using PET in 2008 with ten devices to monitor how patients perceived the range of health services provided.

Outcome: Within the first two months of using PET, it became apparent that tangible improvements were required where hygiene and hospital meals were concerned. PET is providing the organisation with a tool to benchmark core patient experience along with key organisational objectives as set out in its strategic direction. As a result, a further 20 PET units have since been installed across all services.

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Tracka in M&S

Marks & Spencer – CFS Tracka Case Study

Marks & Spencer wanted to prove internally that the information gathered by the CFS system was accurate and representative. To do this they checked the system results against known factors. The system accurately reflected known situations.

Thus the system provided M&S with two things:

1. An accurate measure on which to base performance evaluation for service delivery

2. A system that would illustrate new and unexpected areas for focus and improvement.

Microsoft & CFS

The South African company, Customer Feedback Systems, has witnessed rapid growth since it introduced a real-time service that measures customer service levels. This led to plans for overseas expansion through an international distribution network. But the company was keen to replace its existing reporting software, which was too complex and expensive to support worldwide operations.

By implementing Microsoft® SQL ServerTM 2000 Reporting Services, Customer Feedback Systems dramatically reduced costs, significantly cut the time spent on generating ad hoc reports, and provided a cost-effective and flexible environment that guaranteesthe success of its international strategy.

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Tracka in Specsavers

CFS Specsavers – Case Study

Specsavers were keen to upgrade the manual system the company had in place for collecting customer feedback data to help improve the levels of customer service. The optical group wanted to access professional service offered to its customers and provide store directors with an intuitive solution that would deliver rapid results which could be fed directly into the daily running of their businesses.

Reporting Services Pioneer

Microsoft Tech-Net Mag 10.2004

Renier Botha, Director and GM (General Manager) at CFS (Customer Feedback Systems – now Customer First Solutions), talks to Microsoft TechNet magazine about the pioneering work done using Microsoft SQL 2000 Reporting Services, making CFS the first company to go into production with their “Service Tracka” product using the new Reporting platform from Microsoft.

The first version of the “Service Tracka Reporting Suite”, developed on the Beta version of Microsoft’s Reporting Platform utilising SQL Reporting Services, DTS (Data Transformation Services), OLAP (Analysis Services) and SQL2000 Database, enabled CFS to crunch through a large amounts of data collated from accross the world and deliver thousands of daily scheduled reports to clients helping them to measure customer satisfaction as part of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

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