… would like to give a special shout out to Renier Botha for tackling a highly sensitive, politically charged project … Not only did Renier manage to tip toe his way through the politics, but delivered an outstanding assessment which, although largely a negative report, the client wholeheartedly accepted as accurate. A testament to his patience and diplomacy. Thank you!


As Exec Consultant – IT Operations Review

Renier, I just wanted to put on record my grateful thanks for wrestling the Ambit Enterprise Upgrade project into shape and getting us to a place where it looks like we will get this over the line on the due date and to budget – which given history is nothing short of miraculous. I know how hard this project has been and the quality of the PM has been fundamental to its success. I know you care about it as much as I do which is a mark of your integrity and commitment.

You have absolutely managed the programme with effort, energy and edge.

…from Commercial Director, Shawbrook Bank

As Programme Director

As a Board Director, Renier combines skills in formulating and prioritising visionary business & technology strategies, including mergers & acquisition, major capital projects, profit enhancement, governance, compliance, risk management, business & organisation development and business re-engineering with an in-depth understanding of Information Technology and Digital Transformation.

As Board Director

As a Technologist, Renier has an international track record and proven skills directing technology companies and teams – delivering high quality digital transformation programmes, service and product development (software & hardware), reliable and scalable infrastructure provision, programme and project management, and IT service operations.

As a Technologist

As an Executive, Renier is an energetic and empowering leader, bringing enthusiasm and vision to his team – placing people first. He believes that looking after people will ensure that they look after the business and it’s customers. Focussed on achieving business objective and results by communicating a clear direction, developing, motivating and involving people in building strong collaborative teams. He is a motivated and results driven business leader and strategist, capable of driving business change through technology innovation and effective business integration, to deliver revenue growth.

As an Executive

Renier’s ability to successfully manage numerous projects while leading a start-up organisation in the NHS, was unlike any I’ve seen previously and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team.

As a leader, Renier earns my highest recommendation.

…from Operations Manager – SPHERE

As Managing Director #3

There are many challenges to running a burgeoning dynamic IT company in the public sector, and Renier is a leader who demonstrates the drive, ambition, expertise and negotiating skills to make it a success.

Renier has always led by example, sought to teach rather than replace, and always act in the best interests of the organisation.

Renier is a man of immense integrity who never shies away from a challenge. I have learnt a lot from him, and have benefitted greatly from his encouragement and the trust he placed in me.

Working with Renier can sometimes feel like an adventure, but when you achieve great things, as we did by winning a bid worth up to £10 million, and introducing a new ServiceNow instance to serve 10,000+ users, you realise what you’re really capable of.

…from Product Manager – SPHERE

As Managing Director #2

“Renier is a highly experienced IM&T professional who spent two years at SPHERE in the role of Managing Director.  During that time, he had responsibility for taking SPHERE from start-up joint venture to a fully-fledged technology service provider.

He led a number of innovative projects, written value adding business cases and developed a commercial service catalogue. In addition, he oversaw the on-boarding of two additional clients, which added 50% to the original size of the organisation.

Renier is a highly motivated professional with a real focus on the positive impact technology can have for the end user, supporting delivery to patients and clinicians. He develops excellent working relationships with colleagues and is very supportive of the teams that work for him.”

…from CFO – Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust & Chairman of SPHERE’s Board

As Managing Director #1

Renier is a well rounded CxO.

His key attribute is his focus on developing people and not just technical development.

Renier is a natural leader, who inspires confidence in his reports and ensures they are clear on his (reasonable, but high) expectations. He leads by example, achieves trust in his employees – who reciprocate with their trust and respect.

Renier’s technical knowledge and expertise has never been found wanting – either through conversations with his staff, clients and prospective clients.

Renier is commercially led – striving to drive efficiency and incremental revenue to the business.

Renier is a strategic, innovative thinker. He will not just look at technology for technology’s sake – rather how it can be put to use to drive value.

As a Leader of People

Renier has been one of the most versatile and down to earth senior executives I’ve worked with.

Whilst being very customer centric, Renier manages to understand in detail the challenges puzzling the technical teams, but also to explain, in simple terms, to an IT oriented audience his business vision and group’s strategy.

Renier has the ability to lead and inspire the people he works with at all levels, and yet be humble about his achievements.

I look forward to working with Renier again in the future and recommend him to anyone who is looking for an exceptional senior business executive, really passionate about helping his customers succeed and nurturing his teams to grow.

…at Collinson Group

As CIO & Technology Director