Business & Technology Leadership 

Leadership_image2Executive leadership and advisory – Setting an enduring vision consisting of a core ideology and an envisioned future supported by clear plans empowering people to achieve purpose and accelerate growth.

Interim CEO, CIO, COO

Strategy & Business Plan Development



Develop visionary strategies and effective business plans to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Business & Technology Consulting

Consulting 3


Provider of independent, expert IT and business management consulting – in a delivery or advisory capacity.

Business Case Development


Secure your investment with the support of a compelling business case, providing the correct information to stakeholders and beneficiaries to evaluate and understand the business value and opportunity of the proposed initiative.

Product and Service Development


Transform your market opportunity into a product or service, ready for sale while ensuring appropriate governance and delivery with commercial project and development team management.

Transformation & Change Leadership



Transform your business, align with customer requirements and embrace technology innovation.




Develop an effective Target Operating Models (TOM) with the associated optimisation of Business Processes Management (BPM) and the supporting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) toolsets.

IT Due Diligence


Is IT an asset or a liability in your business?
Use the IT Due Diligence report as the catalyst for transformation, compliance and performance enhancement to develop a business aligned IT strategy and roadmap that drives growth.

Commercial Awareness

Commercial Aware

Develop IT knowledge workers to be more Commercial Aware. The language of business is numbers – cash! The technologist must speak the language to truly underly understand business value and growth.

Coaching :: Business & Management




Bespoke one-to-one programmes aimed at specifically helping you to accelerate your business success.

NED – Non Executive Director


Board Director :: Visionary business & technology strategies, including Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), major capital projects, growth, governance, compliance, risk management, business & organisation development.