Combine the ability to provide powerful LEADERSHIP flowing into clear DIRECTION, driven by technology INNOVATION and successful INTEGRATION there-of into revenue earning products, services and solutions – and you have winning business proposition.

renierbotha Ltd delivers this business proposition through consultancy excellence, industry proven methodologies and robust governance. This enables clients to better integrate technology innovations, product development and streamlined business operations with their mainstream revenue channels to increase business revenue and improve customer retention.

Clients Include:
* Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – Mentor
* Amberlight – CxO Consulting & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
* Regus Group – Leadership – Global Head of Systems & Professional Services
* Regus – Portfolio/Programme/Project/Change Management
* Intuitus – CxO Consultant
* CFS Australasia – Board Advisor
* Gigstarter Ltd – NED (Non Executive Director) Operations
* Freshbyte Incorporated – Board Advisor
* Allegiant Air – Interim Head of Loyalty Programmes
* Lola Enterprises, Cloud Troopers – Interim Head of Programmes & Products



RB Photo 3 Tie MIn Renier’s own words:  “I am helping companies, from start-up to enterprise, to integrate technology innovations with their mainstream revenue channels. As part of this transformation process I coach technology teams commercially awareness and how to apply it within infrastructure provision to software development and service delivery. Through business process re-engineering, an effective target operating model is developed to ensure continuous improvement and IT service delivery excellence enabling the business to focus on core delivery and excel in their expertise. Through optimal utilization of all resources I specialise in reducing the total cost of technology by developing innovative and capable technology estates incorporating the benefits of different resourcing models through in-house, hybrid, insourcing, offshoring, nearshoring our outsourcing solutions, as specifically suitable to optimally deliver against the company’s operational requirements.”