Who is Renier?

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Renier’s CVs:

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In his own words: “I am a Business and Technology leader and Transformation expert, with more 20+ years experience in businesses ranging from tech-startups to FTSE listed enterprises, across multiple market sectors – this gives me the agility to adapt to all environments.

As the digital revolution continues to change the business landscape, I specialise in building and executing visionary business and IT strategies that enables business growth through technology driven products and operations. Recently I delivered a strategy that increased the business revenue by 42% while driving the cost per IT user down by 24% which translates to £3.1M per annum saving, in just two years.

With digital transformation driving core business change, I specialise in leading the design and execution of customer centric, technology driven change programmes, that deliver demonstrable business benefits. For example – recently I delivered a programme introducing a new Target operating Model (TOM) with the associated IT toolsets consisting of multiple project and work streams that delivered a £2.4M NPV saving and ROI of 493% over a five year investment period.

Focussing on building A-Level teams and empowering them through commercial awareness, I can help you to align your business with a competitive advantage and transform your IT estate, by optimising your technology enablers.”

Renier’s Story