Portfolio: Assignments, Projects and Achievements

Renier Botha is a technologist, business leader and transformation expert, with more than 30 years experience in growing businesses through technology enablers. He focusses companies from start-up to FTSE listed enterprise, in various market sectors, to integrate technology innovations into mainstream revenue channels.

Renier specialises in optimising business operations through technology enablers delivered by effective and efficient IT operations. He develops and executes visionary strategies and programmes. As part of this business driven, technology enabled transformation process, he focuses on people – helping technologists to be commercially aware and goal driven to deliver customer-centric IT solutions and services enhancing the full business value-chain. This makes technology a true enabler of the business value proposition.

In his career he has completed many assignments and projects delivering demonstrable business value.


PORTFOLIO Summary of  assignments, projects and associated achievements…

  • Ambit Enterprise Banking Suite (2019): Shawbrook Bank – Business Finance. Programme Manager for Ambit Enterprise upgrade and deployment.
  • Portfolio Management Office (2018/2019): Shawbrook Bank – Business Finance. Established and Lead the Business Finance PMO (Portfolio Management Office)
  • Capability Development (2018/2019): Shawbrook Bank. Defined a “Testing Capability” for the bank, including the risk mitigating test strategy, automation framework, and associated Azure cloud development and test environments.
  • Innovation & Delivery Transformation (2018): Shawbrook Bank – Business Finance & Commercial Property. Engaged within Business Finance Innovation & Delivery division to deliver a portfolio of multiple Programmes and Projects, transforming the Asset Finance, Working Capital, Structured Finance, POS Finance and Development Finance technologies and processes. The associated “Tech-Hub Maturity Transformation” Programme consists of:
    • Definition of the “As Is” state of the PMO, Project Management, Business Analysis, Application Support, Software Development and Testing functions with the risks and issues faced
    • Define a Target Operating Model (TOM) with recommendations and justification for transformation to the “To Be” maturity level
    • Development of governance (and associates metrics and management information) , programme scope, schedule, resource plans and budgets
    • Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring resources while implementing the TOM
  • Implementation Transformation (2018): Established the implementation life-cycle for Rainbird AI and Heron AI. Designed customer centric business processes and project delivery governance driven by real-time MI (management information) metrics. Deployed Jira with customised workflows and issue types, optimising delivery throughput and quality of the platform implementation team. Through MI driven continuous improvement and client relations, exceeded expectation and customer satisfaction – increasing client retention and establishing business growth.
  • Artificial Intelligence (2018): Managing projects for Heron.AI, implementing the Rainbird AI-powered decision-making platform in:
    • one of the Big 4 Consultancies
    • sixth largest Audit, Tax and Advising Service provider
  • Digital Transformation (2017): Developed a service orientated Target Operating Model (TOM) for SPHERE with the associated service domains and all policies and procedures. Introduced and implemented “ServiceNow” as the supporting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and operations toolset servicing more than 10,000 healthcare end-users while enabling automation functionality, self-help and digital customer engagement features. This digital transformation further increased SPHERE’s IT Services and Management maturity while delivering the associated five-year £2.4M NPV saving in operational cost, a ROI of 493% (288% IRR).
  • Strategic business plan (2016)Compiled a six-year strategic business plan and budget for SPHERE, with clear annual investment and service delivery milestones. Executed the plan and grew the business from a start-up to an established medium sized enterprise, achieving the third year’s targets at the end of the second financial year, increasing assets with 700%.
  • Software Defined Data Centre (2017): Developed the successful business case for the implementation of a software defined data centre and the migration from existing premises to significantly reduce the risk of service disruption and data loss. The financial case delivered a five-year saving of £261K NPV, ROI of 161%, IRR of 47% and payback in month 22.
  • Cerner Deployment (2017): Developed the technology deployment, integration and transition programme to migrate from legacy EPR (Electronic Patient Record) systems to Cerner. Read more here…
  • M&A (2016-17): Directed two merger & acquisition programmes for two NHS trusts. Directed a full IT due-diligence exercise to drive the remediation and integration project scope. Integrated the IT infrastructure into SPHERE to deliver new shared IT Services, saving the NHS trusts £3M per annum. Delivered the IT business transformation programme, incorporating key service improvement initiatives that grew the Service Provider’s Revenue by 42% and delivered a 280% ROI (82% IRR, £3.1M NPV) on shareholder investment in 2017, which secures the plan for 1149% ROI (£12.6M NPV) over the six-year strategic plan. Read more here…
  • Service Catalogue (2016/17):Developed the commercial Service Catalogue that was successfully used to win a tender bid to deliver shared IT services worth up to £10M.
  • IT Strategy & Transformation Programme (2016/17): Directed the development and execution of five year IT strategy and associated transformation programme totaling £42M (£14.4M Capex and ongoing Opex of £5.56M pa), to future proof the IT infrastructure of three NHS trusts.
  • Cyber Security (2016/17):Delivered a high priority strategic cyber security programme hardening the IT estate from security breach and threats covering preventative and proactive measures across the IT infrastructure network, storage, compute and end-user hardware and software.
  • Windows 7 & 10 deployment (2016-17): Directed the upgrade and replacement of 10000+ end user devices across 3 NHS Trusts to Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • VMWare NSX extension to Software Defined Data Centre (2017): Developed the successful business case for the deployment of NSX, the network virtualisation and security platform from VMWARE. The financial case delivered a five-year saving of £89K NPV, ROI of 88%, IRR of 28% and payback in month 31.
  • IP Network Remediation & WiFi Deployment (2016): Directed the project implementing 4 core and 40 edge switches replacing the aged network infrastructure of a NHS Foundation Trust. Deployed a WiFi infrastructure to cover all operational areas within two NHS Foundation Trusts with a guest and corporate network.
  • Performance Management (2016-17): Defined a KPI (Cost per IT User) demonstrating the value proposition of IT to the business and its clients’ operations. Developed and Executed the strategic business plan delivering an 11% reduction in the Cost per IT User in 2016 and a further 13% reduction in 2017, exceeding the set business success target KPI by 12%.
  • Citrix Deployment (2016-17): Deployed Citrix Services via the Microsoft Azure platform enabling SPHERE to rapidly scale up or down to meet the NHS client’s demands without heavy investment in new IT end user hardware. Read more here…
  • Business Design/Engineering (2015): Through efficient modelling of the technology requirements into a service oriented delivery model within the FTSE250 enterprise estate of Regus, developed a business transformation programme that accomplished an annual saving of £3.6M.
  • CRM & ERP Deployment & Integration (2014): Directed the delivery of a £7M Enterprise Resource Planning & Client Relations (ERP & CRM) Systems. The programme consisted of 32 projects and work-streams, integrating the “Oracle Sales Cloud” into the Regus global-systems estate.
  • Loyalty Product Development (2013-14): Directed the technology development team that delivered a functional first version data driven loyalty system within 10 development weeks to secure stock exchange shareholder support, for an American airline. The team delivered the full loyalty system ahead of schedule and within $2.4 million budget. Read more here…
  • Business Transformation/ M&A (2012-13): Designed and implemented a transformation strategy focused on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the foundation of IT centralisation (merger) in the Group and the formation of a new Technology Services Company. With full P&L accountability for Collinson Technology Services (CTS), achieved budgeted financial targets (set 5% lower than previous running costs) for the company’s first financial year (ending April ’13) – circa £15 million budget.
  • Mobile Application (2011): Directed the technology development team that delivered a iPhone app, Fly&Share that achieved the Apple Store Top10 position the week it was launched.
  • Product Development (2008-2010): Introduced Software as a Service (SaaS) and Private Cloud technologies to Collinson Group. Evolved the TLS (The Loyalty Solution) product to be delivered as a SaaS solution, resulting in six successful sales – converting business development opportunities into new clients securing recurring revenue across Collinson Group companies.
  • Product Deployments (2008-13): Directing the product customisation & configuration development, deployment, business integration and support services of enterprise level IT programmes for a portfolio of 14 global client accounts including Technology Provider channels, Hospitality Brands, Airlines, Beauty and Cosmetics Brands, Retail chains, Insurance, Travel clubs and Car Rental companies that increased customer acquisition, optimisation and retention. Case Studies…
  • Business Transformation (2008-09): Developed and executed a transformation strategy in aligning operations and program management with financial goals – establishing commercial awareness in all employees. The strategy covered Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) aligning the business services including marketing, sales, product development, solution deployment and support using best practices of ITIL, PMI and ISO9001. This resulted in an average 30% year on year company bottom line improvement, for three consecutive financial years.
  • Off-Shoring & Resourcing Frameworks (2009-10): Negotiated contracts and introduced off-shore software development partners supporting the business in resource flexibility and the reduction of software development and support costs by approximately 25% per annum.
  • Infrastructure Virtualisation (2010): Introduced hardware virtualisation into the Group IT estate and directed the migration of the datacenter infrastructure resulting in a reduction of total cost of ownership by 45% (£450,000).
  • Business Development (2006-2008): Expanded the operations of CFS-Europe (based in London UK) in the EU and Russia by growing the customer base and establishing business service delivery partners increasing the annual sales with 12%.
  • Operational Deployment (2001-2008) Successfully established technical production and IT operations for CFS-International in eleven countries. Case Studies & Read more…
  • Award Winning Innovation (2001-2004) Winner of the Industrial Innovation Award of the Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa for the innovative CFS Version 2 Service “Tracka” product development – Article published in Engineering News Oct 2004 – https://renierbotha.com/2004/10/15/innovation-rewarded/
  • Technology Pioneer (2001-2004) Acknowledged as Reporting Services pioneer as General Manager (Technical) of CFS-South Africa, the first company in South Africa that commercially implemented the Microsoft SQL Reporting Services platform, Microsoft South Africa used the project as a case study on road shows and published it in the Microsoft TechNet magazine https://renierbotha.com/2004/10/01/reporting-services-pioneer/
  • IT Centralisation (2000) Centralised the IT function into a single IT department functioning from Head Office delivering service to the six member companies of VWV Group, reducing technology operational cost by 40%.
  • Product Development & Deployment (1999) Managed the development and successful national rollout of the paging system for Botswana’s national telecoms.
  • Product Engineering & Deployment (1999) Built and released five new company products for Message Link in South Africa, including Cell-pager, Beep@mail, NotaBene, Flexi-Messaging and Virtual Secretary in one year. See page 14 of this UCT publication MessageLink – Radiospoor – Autopage

Case studies and other career supporting documents can be viewed at https://renierbotha.com/tag/cv/