Career Plan – Life Plan

Having a career game-plan is so key in today’s ever changing and challenging employment environments!

With a global economy balancing on a knife’s edge for the last 10 years the meaning of ‘job security’ is somewhat of a myth. Never get yourself in the mindset that you are irreplaceable – we all are replaceable.

Five and half years ago a colleague and I recognised the need and importance of a career game plan. We realised that life is too short to not be actively planning where you want to be in your career in the future. Taking responsibility for your own destiny and happiness is a key aspect of feeling accomplished. Planning your future is taking responsibility for your own happiness. Quotes that holds true – “Planning is a waste of time, but not planning is planning to fail!”, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything!” “A Plan never executed, holds no learning and hence no value!”

Realise this – the company you are employed by, will ever, at most, provide you with a certain level of opportunities that will assist you in your personal and career growth, there after – it is up to you to take the action to progress.

My life reality – 90% of my awake life, and more than often while I am sleeping as well, are spend working. Working to build your future either as an employee, an employer, a business owner, entrepreneur, etc. With this high percentage of my life spent working, it is understandable that my feelings towards the execution of my work defines the biggest part of who I am. The conclusion is that my career plan in essence IS my life plan

I came across a very insightful and thought provoking article written by JT O’Donnel . In this article JT gives two examples of people progressing their careers. One is progressing with a career plan to stay secure within employment working towards the employers growth (working for an employer) and the other with career plan of personal growth working towards her life/career goals (working with an employer) – Working for an employer vs Working with an employer.

Which one are you…?