Killer Content

Killer Content: Why it Matters, How to Get it

Do the buyers you target know what you do… understand what makes you different… see clearly the value you deliver? Really?

Great content is essential at each stage of your sales and marketing process:-

FIrstly, simply to get attention and creating positive awareness. To stand out from the crowd

Then create interest and understanding about the problems you solve (you do solve problems, don’t you?)

  1. Nurturing prospects, building trust and generating enquiries
  2. Confirming with prospects that you would be the right partner to work with
  3. Then reassuring them that they made the best decision to choose you
  4. Finally, keeping them onboard, protecting the relationship from your competitors

But there is a problem.

Many organisations lack the structure and resources to succeed. To create the crisp, compelling content you need to fuel a high-activity programme through multiple media channels.

So what do you need? Here’s the checklist for a winning content programme:-

  1. Hone your Corporate Message: Set out your specific offering for each market sector and job position (each ‘persona’): the problems you solve, how you solve them and for whom
  2. Be ‘One Voice’ – but in many channels: Select and refine your messages for each media channel: email, blogs, social media, tele-marketing, presentations, PDFs, and others
  3. Set your Campaign Objectives: You want more than a few retweets and new Friends. You want to meet measurable programme objectives for markets you influence, sales enquiries and conversions
  4. Your Response Mechanism is Essential: Get your prospects to respond directly – such as by asking for your free PDFs, webinars, and other collateral. Show the value you deliver
  5. Plan a ‘Multi-Channel’ Programme: This is proven to be the most effective DM strategy: combining email, tele-marketing, PR editorial – even posted letters and leaflets
  6. Prioritise a Monthly Plan: You need a proper monthly plan that sets out target media, frequency and messaging. You must be consistent and persistent for a content campaign to succeed
  7. Keep it Interesting. Don’t Bore Them: In the main you want short, compelling copy that grabs their attention from the off. Written as you speak and avoiding jargon
  8. Make it topical: Great content is relevant and deals with current key issues for your target market. Do you know what the key dates and events are? Exhibitions, major contracts, industry forums, legislative impact?
  9. Keep it regular: Selling is opportunistic. A prospect may have no interest or need today; but this time next month it may be a completely different matter
  10. Be the ‘Subject Matter Experts’: You want to be the go-to company in your key sector; the recognised source of knowledge, help, news on applications and fixes for common problems. So write about the common problems in your sector
  11. Follow-up with Tele-Sales: Yes, lookout for responses to your content – whether it is email click-throughs, Likes in LinkedIn or reTweets. Then follow-up with a quick call to qualify, to express interest and offer help. The sooner the better
  12. In-House or Outsource for your Campaign? Do your staff really have the time or competence to produce professional content, consistently and persistently?
  13. Save Time & Money, get Results: The Press Unit is a single source of content expertise for messaging and media channels. Fast turnaround by professional B2B and technical writers.