We are delighted to share our passion for travel and photography with you in a way that can make your day brighter and cheer those around you.

Grab some cool photos from our site, upload them into your video conferencing tool as virtual backgrounds and change them as often as every virtual meeting or even mid-meeting if the mood takes you.

Share the cheer, be inspirational, make them laugh and open the meeting with some all important personal chat, LovingMyDesk.com is the perfect video conference ice breaker and its free!

We have built this site to share the love, as an initial concept first so please click away download photos and use them on your computer, tablet or phone. If we see enough people having fun we may take it to the next stage, until then let us know what improvements you would like to see.

All we ask is you enjoy, share the goodness and perhaps leave us the odd comment if you like this idea whether we should take our super lean, hacked together start-up concept to the next stage?

So tell us what you think, like and share with others who might need a smile too.


Renier and Stuart

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