New Amberlight chief executive heralds a fresh emphasis on design

LONDON, May”15 — Change is afoot here at Amberlight – some very exciting changes that mean our clients will see a new, improved service from our executives, consultants and researchers.

Renier Botha is our new Chief Executive Officer, while our founder, Mark Milton, is moving to a new role as Chief Innovation Officer. Together, they will be driving Amberlight forward to add a new dimension to our services, with a new focus on design.

Amberlight has always been an experience design company but sometimes that has taken second place to our reputation as the market leader in user research. Renier is putting design back at the heart of Amberlight’s proposition.

“We want to have a deeper relationship with our clients,” Renier says. “Amberlight is renowned for having one of the finest user research teams out there. Our research suggests that not everyone realises the work of our design practice.“

“For years Amberlight has worked on design from concept to completed service, and the rigour of our user research teams ensures that our clients launch needed services that people love to use. So we’re going to be doing much more of that in the future.”

Renier joins the team from Regus PLC, the international workplace provider, where he was Global Head of Systems and Head of Professional Services. He has a reputation as an accomplished leader, with a track record of working with high-growth software companies across multiple market verticals, and brings a mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical breadth, and passion for customer care.

He is impressed by Amberlight’s history as a company with market-leading expertise in user experience research and design.

“As a technologist at heart, I am excited to see so many new opportunities and I am deeply honoured to have this opportunity to lead the Amberlight team during this important time of transformation,” he says.

“Amberlight has a long history in experience design, connecting end users with products. We are well positioned to tap into the continuous opportunities in technology innovation. The incredible talent and passion of the Amberlight team provide us with a unique opportunity to help shape the future of our clients.”

With Mark taking on the role of Chief Innovation Officer, Renier is excited about the possibilities that come from embedding change in the organisation structure.

“By concentrating on innovation and growth initiatives we are planning to expand on the strong foundation we have built over the past fifteen years,” Renier says. “We will also continue to develop industry-leading user experience research, design and product development expertise that drives our client technologies and products across a diverse set of markets to secure sustainable and profitable growth.”

Mark cofounded Amberlight in 2000 and he has spent the last few months acting as interim managing director trying to map out a new future for us, and as part of that process found Renier.

“I am proud to welcome such an experienced industry professional as Renier to lead the company as CEO.   He will be building on the strengths of the company and working with our clients to shape the future of the business.”

As the new Chief Innovation Officer, Mark will be responsible for managing the innovation process inside Amberlight. His role will be to identify strategies, business opportunities and new technologies and to develop ideas for new products and services.

He will also be developing new capabilities and architectures with partners, new business models and new industry structures to serve those opportunities.

“I’m excited to be able to focus on the area in which I can make the most significant contribution.

“Working with Renier means that I can focus exclusively on our future with and help ensure that the business is agile in responding to the needs of a developing market.”


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