SPHERE Invests in Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)

Systems Powering Healthcare (SPHERE) is investing in the future – our EMC Elastic Cloud Solution, or at least a portion of it, has arrived and is being installed.  This enhances SPHERE’s service catalogue to provide flexible storage service solutions to various systems.


EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) is a software-defined object storage platform marketed by EMC Corporation. ECS was designed to adhere to several tenets of object storage, including scalability, data resiliency and to take advantage of existing or new commodity server hardware in order to manage costs. At an architectural level, EMC ECS offers Software-Defined Storage (SDS). This flexibility not only simplifies the deployment of ECS, but it also allows ECS to provide a single pool of data that can spread data across a variety of underlying infrastructure components, including commodity or ECS appliances, and even EMC and third-party storage arrays. In addition to the flexibility offered by the software-based architecture, ECS enables multi-head access, allowing different protocols, such as object and HDFS, to access the same data concurrently.


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